Monday, November 5, 2012

Beauty Arise. Halloween edition.

We weren't sure what to dress up as for Halloween- we just knew that we wanted to be in Hollywood for the night and somehow share Christ's love with the thousands of people partying there.

As a girl who is constantly looking for opportunities to dress up in something pink and sparkly I suggested that we go as fairies... Because honestly who wouldn't want to dress up as a fairy?

My friends agreed to it.

But I didn't just want to be a typical fairy... I decided to be an "Encouragement Fairy"... Which meant all the pink and sparkles I wanted, PLUS a big pink sign with a handwritten encouragement for people to see as they passed by.

So we did it. We bought wings and poster board from the dollar store, glow sticks too, and grabbed whatever we could find in our closets to create the perfect fairy costumes.

Now something you should know about Hollywood is that it is nearly impossible to stand out there. People are ALWAYS wearing crazy costumes and doing outrageous things on the sidewalks in order to get attention.

Now add Halloween to that fact and the chances of us standing out become even less probable. Between the scantily clad women walking the street in their panties, and the multitudes of people dressed in blood and gore... We were hardly flashy enough to be a part of that celebration.

But guess what???


People wanted to talk to us- take pictures with us- people yelled encouragements at us- some people made fun of us- one lady cried when she saw us- another guy made a song about us- a group of girls threatened to hurt anyone who came near us- people hit on us- people wanted prayer from us- and mostly everyone smiled when they saw us! Several times people told us that we were their favorite costume of the night.

How crazy is that?

We were modestly dressed in costumes that were basically free and hardly pinterest-worthy. And yet we were a huge hit. On Hollywood Boulevard.

I think it's because "love never fails". (1 Corinthians 13)

Love speaks more loudly than scandalous clothing and elaborate costumes.

People were drawn to us because of our love. The words we shared with them both communicated love and were motivated by love. That's why they enjoyed us.

Because the reality is I was just a strangely happy girl who was prancing around the street dressed like the tooth fairy. There was no reason for people to want to be near me. Majority of them came to Hollywood that night to drink too much and meet other mostly-naked drunk people. I was not what they were looking for.

But still, like I said... I stood out.

Not because of me. But because of the message I shared.

Our signs said a variety of things like:
"you are beautiful"
"you are loved"
"you are God's masterpiece"
"you are treasured"

These messages brought people to us... and brought smiles out of people... Even a group of gangsters who were standing on the corner WITH GUNS (yes, there was a shooting that night in Hollywood)... they appeared hard at first but my sweet fairy friends approached them (CLEARLY not seeing the guns!) and offered them free glow-sticks. Immediately the gangsters smiled like children and read our signs excitedly.

Our messages brought life.

Jesus said in John 10:10,

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

I love that. I felt it Halloween night. Satan ("the thief") had plans to steal, kill and destroy people on Halloween night. Through violence, drug abuse, drunkenness... and other things. But Jesus had plans too. Plans to bring life... and remind people of who they really are.

I'm thankful that he picked a handful of "fairies" to be a part of His plan.

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