Monday, November 26, 2012

Beauty Arise Breakfast

2 weeks ago we did a Beauty Arise breakfast on the YWAM base. The theme was "Contentment in Christ".

My friend Melissa, a professional actress/singer, shared from the perspective of being a single girl in her late twenties. She reminded us that we are meant to be fulfilled by God, and if we don't go to Him as our source then we may lose ourselves in relationships that aren't God's best for us. She also challenged us to invest in girls rather than guys with our emotional needs... Because even though it feels good to be validated by men, we actually NEED healthy relationships with girls to survive. It is altogether a better way of guarding our hearts.

My friend Nova, a singer/rapper, shared about having the heart of a mother toward guys. She encouraged us to ask God for His pure love for them. A heart that longs to protect them, and believe for the best in them... Not lust for them or use them for our own gain. As someone who was once engaged, but then ended the relationship before marriage, she cautioned us against rushing things simply because we love the idea of being in a relationship. She said that each of us has a God-given calling and our spouse is meant to support & help in that calling. Our relationships are meant to spur each other onward in relationship with God and in our divine purposes, if they don't do BOTH of those things for BOTH you and him, it is okay to question the relationship.... And end it... If necessary.

Great women. Good advice.

Later today I will share more about what I spoke on during the breakfast.

For now... Here is a cute photo from our visit with Santa yesterday!!

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