Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Eve! (another video blog!)

I know I am getting crazy with all these posts going up on the same day but actually we are living at a church without wifi right now with the Calling All Skaters DTS ( and our laptop got destroyed AND I don't have a smart phone... so I am taking advantage of this internet opportunity to catch up on things! :) ((Don't worry, I'm not bummed that I don't have internet... I'm just learning how to manage without it and sometimes it gets tricky.))

Anyway... this is my sweet friend Eve from Germany. I wish you could meet her in person because she is adorable. She would have you laughing in a second. She has a loud outgoing personality, she often mixes up her English words, and she LOVES to encourage people. If you put all of those qualities together you will find her in a book store YELLING at a bearded man across the room "I like you beard!! Or... that thing on you face!! What its called?! Beard?! I like you beard!" ((TRUE STORY from a few weeks ago.)

She is completely percious and changes people's lives daily. She is also REALLY good at baking. She is always making us muffins from scratch.

We love our Eve and I'm sure you will love her too. 

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