Monday, November 5, 2012

project beYOUty. be a lovely-seeker.

 Project Be(YOU)ty.
That's how I wrote it in my journal. Cute huh?

I thought so. I have seen it before, but it looked extra cute in my journal yesterday so I decided to use it today.

I shared about my insecurities a couple posts back and how I'm doing this personal project to overcome these silly struggles. I called it "project beauty"... but I don't care about the name too much. We could call in broccoli and I'd still do it, because it's 100% about my heart to overcome this stuff... and not at all about marketing a new "project".

((Actually I do have a favorite project though... its a clothing line. You should look it up. Project Love.))

Back to my point.
I started project beauty by encouraging myself. You can read about it 2 posts back. 

So now for the next part of the project. 

Look for beautiful things EVERYWHERE.
In nature. 
In people. 
In children. 
In food.
In songs.
In conversations. 

And once you find it. Call it out. Tell someone. Write it down. Allow this act of looking for beauty transform you from being a critic who is prone to finding the ugly, into becoming a "lovely-seeker".


Definition? .... one who seeks the lovely.  

Beauty is a reflection of God. He is beautiful and the things He does, makes, and says are beautiful. 

As I engage my heart to the beauty around me, I am praying that He opens my eyes to see as He sees. 

Oh Jesus, 

What is beautiful to you?

Thank you in advance for showing me and my friends.

I love you.


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