Wednesday, November 7, 2012

my first video blog :)

Here is my first video blog! (I know its pronounced "vlog"... I'm just not quite ready to throw that word around yet... maybe when I get more confident in my skills!)

Anyway... its nothing too fancy, we just filmed it on my friend Carrie's iphone :)

But it is a start!

We launched our Beauty Arise ministry out of YWAM LA this fall. My blog is a part of the ministry but our actual website will be posted up soon along with a calendar of our events! That will explain more of what we do. We would LOVE for you to attend any event we host.

I will also invite you to join our fashion week outreaches when those come around! 

I am excited to post videos of my other Beauty Arise staff so you can get to know the whole crew!
((PS. They are not just staff. They are extra close friends of mine. And we live together... So they are more like "friend-roomate-staff"... but thats a mouthful.))

Beauty Arise is a gift to my life and I sincerely hope you are encouraged by the work we do! 

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