Friday, May 25, 2012

Beauty Arise breakfast

Photo by Michael Fernandez

This is Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory. My friend Mike took the photo. Its beautiful.

Tomorrow morning we are doing our first "Beauty Arise" breakfast. From 9:30am-11:30am. Beauty Arise is the new name we are using to give my ministry a sense of identity. Until now there has not really been a name. I guess it was just the "Create Track" which is the specific ministry done through the Discipleship Training School here at YWAM, but that didn't really do it for me. I like Beauty Arise because it captures my heart better. I want to see the beauty that God places within us arise from us. Not the world's definition of beauty, but the heaven definition.

I also like it because the acronym is BA. So like tomorrow.. its our first BA breakfast.  After we eat we have a BA guest speaker. After that some BA small groups. Finally a BA photo shoot.

If you don't get it that's okay..
 if you do... its probably because you went to public school like me. :)

Anyway, I am excited for the breakfast tomorrow because we invited a bunch of girls & women to come eat homemade cinnamon rolls & hear from a new friend of mine named Rowena. She used to be a top designer for Forever 21 and then gave her life to Christ. Since then God has taken her on this awesome journey, teaching her truth about her beauty & His desire for her purity. 
He gave her a true identity. 

I love that. 

Its pretty perfect too because I want us to be able to be vulnerable with each other, and this week I had a few days where I was struggling to feel beautiful, and doubting my own abilities, so I will have some fresh battles to invite them into. 

I pray that God does something powerful tomorrow morning and shows us what He sees in us.
We need our identities to be secure in Him.
We need our beauty to be secure in Him too.
& we need His grace to help us stay pure. 

I hope that we have more BA breakfasts. 
And I hope that Jesus causes true beauty to arise from the hearts of people living in Los Angeles.
We all need it.

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