Sunday, June 3, 2012

Washington Weekend

We are here in Washington on our annual visit to Oak Harbor Church!! We love coming here!! We arrived late Friday and my Aunt Sue picked us up in Seattle. Saturday morning we spent time with my aunt & visited Grandma Mary. I LOVE them. (I also found a cute old picture of Meredith & I with our cousins! So fun!) Last night around 9 we arrived at our friend Erin's house in Oak Harbor. (Jim took us on the ferry to get there!!!) Erin is a hero. Her husband was killed in the war, which left her to raise her two daughters alone as a young mom. She is doing an incredible job. We feel like a part of the family... This morning the girls, Lilly and Gwyneth, jumped into bed with Shaun to tickle him awake. I love that. Shaun spoke at the church service this morning. I've heard the message he did multiple times but still today I learned so much. I will write about that later...After church we had a paleo lunch with friends (our good friends here are paleo ... Basically it means you eat like a caveman) Then we went to Lilly's tumbling recital and now we are here watching Shaun skate.

Just as we were getting out of the car Gwynny said, "Shaun go skate with the people and then tell them the story that will change their whole life... Then teach them the Bible.. " haha she is 7. What a smart little girl. Earlier today we found out it was supposed to rain tomorrow & Gwynny said, "it's okay! We will just pray to God to stop the rain... Like Jessica prays for things at Fashion Week". I guess that is what Jesus means when He tells us to have faith like a child! Let's do that.

I will write more later! For now enjoy some photos! (PS. First time blogging from Shaun's phone- hope I made sense!)
Q & A sesh this morning at church
landed in Seattle! 
Shaun skating (hipstamatic pic taken by Erin)
watching Lil do gymnastics
waiting for the flight
Lilly skating
on the ferry
on the plane
Aunt Sue
Grandma! I didn't think I'd ever see her again because she almost passed away while I was in Chile
Cousin: Scott & Lori, Me in pigtails & Meredee looking like Elmer Fudd
the girls tickling Shaun at 8am

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