Thursday, June 14, 2012

Evening with the Nearman's

Shane and Christina Nearman are friends of ours. They are also personal mentors to me and have been a huge source support for me since I first met them 3 years ago. They are the International Directors of Models For Christ an have worked as professional models for many years. They have also be married for 17 years!

It is impossible to hang out with them and not feel encouraged. They seriously live by faith, simply listening to the guidance of God and going wherever He sends them. They have taken risks that would frighten most people- literally getting rid of everything and by faith moving to different places as God leads them to. (they even went all the way to Israel because God said to do it) They've seen miracle upon miracle as they have walked in total dependence on Christ-- and they are about to embark on another adventure by faith- moving to England for the year so Christina can complete grad school!

Monday evening they invited us to come to Manhattan Beach because they wanted to surprise us with a date. The only thing we knew was that it would be extra special and we needed to dress warmly. First they took us to eat at a delicious Mexican restaurant, then picked us up some hot drinks from Starbucks before heading over to the beach for the surprise.... SAILING!! Just the four of us and the awesome sailer man, Eric, who led the adventure.

We spent an hour on the water and it was just completely the best thing ever! Exactly what I needed in my heart. Everything we talked about reminded me of how much God loves us and cares about the little details of our lives. His love is so personal. Christina even shared again about how Jesus miraculously healed her of a disease that almost took her life... A serious full on healing. That experience was actually what led her to surrender her life to Christ over 15 years ago.

After sailing we went to a local coffee shop in Redondo and played a full game of Scrabble, while I enjoyed some tea and a scone. So British of me :)

Jesus is so worthy of trusting. He is passionate about showing His faithfulness and I'm so grateful for friends that remind me of that truth.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NLT)

 "So encourage each other & build each other up, just as you are already doing."

here are some photos of the adventures! they are out of order but that's okay! :) 

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