Friday, June 8, 2012

More from Wonderful Washington

Lilly shredding the park :) 
Gorgeous Gwyneth... Shaun is a great photographer 
graffiti of the Space Needle 
family photo I found at my aunt's house! I love Meredith's face. 
the "staff" at Lilly and Gwyneth's school
on the ferry to Whidby Island! So beautiful! 
Persian restaurant near LAX
I love this photo from our cousin Lori's wedding. My Grandma wasn't able to be there so we took this photo to mail her. This is the face that she would make at all of us as we were leaving her house as little kids-
 in order to keep us from crying :) 
Meredith's puppy Lucy has a new blonde boyfriend... meet Brody. He lives in WA though.. so its a long distance thing. 
Adorable Gwynny with her hat and board, watching Shaun skate, waiting intently for him
to share the "story that will change their whole lives"... those are her words
Erin loves her yellow 
with Erin in Seattle at an overly-priced-yet-still-ridiculously-cool furniture warehouse
the skaters at Oak Harbor park 
Dinner and a movie with the girlies... watching "Hop"?? (I think... it was about the Easter bunny)
SUCH A GREAT MOVIE :)  I loved it 

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