Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recently--with photos too!

Well recently we have been working with the School of the Circuit Riders here at YWAM LA. This is basically a 2 week long program for people to get fired up about Jesus and then go out and see people's lives get changed. There are around 200 people here from all over the U.S. for daily teachings and outreach in the city. Its amazing. The other day I watched as a group of them pray for a guy with an injured ankle. It was swollen and he couldn't walk. After like ten minutes of praying for him he was able to walk around, and twenty minutes later I saw him jumping up and down praising Jesus. 

Saturday Shaun drove 26 of us in the shuttle down to Huntington Beach for Beachside Summer Fest. It was an outreach event put on by a bunch of churches and Shaun was invited to skate the ramp along with 5 other skaters from The Sanctuary church. He skated and preached all day long. It was so much fun. 
The people loved it & God did some awesome things in peoples' lives. 

After the event Shaun went down to the ocean to baptize a few of our Circuit Riders students. As he was giving a message about baptism between 20 and 30 other people started gathering around to listen. 
After he finished the main pastor who had organized the whole Beach Fest event told Shaun that all of the people who had come down to the water wanted to get baptized. So Shaun had thought he would be baptizing 4 people, but it ended up being a whole crowd of them!!  Jesus is so amazing!! 

Afterwards we all headed to In N Out... 
because its just a given that anyone visiting California needs to go there. :)

I also included some photos of Lily "washing her hands" in our sink. That is her new favorite hobby. 
By the time her mom came to get her she was soaking wet and "washing the dishes". 
Most adorable thing ever. 

In the Shuttle on the way to HB
the remnants after Becca eats an orange
In N Out 
Crowd favorite! Shaun & Aaron Morgan doing a doubles drop-in off the guard rail
They both landed it! 
Some of our Circuit Rider men. 
driving the shuttle 
Lily washing her hands... and feet...
and the dishes...
after eating chocolate :) 
hands up for people getting baptized in the ocean :) 
Lauren and Davy!! Our friends from Michigan!! Here for Circuit Riders!!  
Reunited! Maren is visiting from Norway and Jamie is here from school. Shaun and D Bates took them for a late night taco truck run. :) They were all in the 1st DTS we led in 2010. 
Aaron and Shaun did the drop in twice :) 

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