Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The creeper at Burger King.

It was actually just me. I was the creeper. I was taking photos of Shaunny and Dad without them realizing. That's creeper-ish.

((One time a guy did that to me at the beach. Reeeaaaallllllyyyy awkward.))

I wasn't just being a creeper for no reason though! I was doing it because my heart felt so full of joy I wanted to savor the moment! But you know how sometimes having people pose for photos cheapens the experience? Well to avoid losing the authenticity of it all... I went for the more stealth-style-secret-agent-type iPhone shots :)

Why all the joy? It's simple. I LOVE being at Burger King with Dad! It reminds me of being younger- when my sister and I would go visit him during the summers. You may not know this but Burger King is a staple on U.S. Air Force bases. Faithful BK. Burger King is ALSO a reliable place to take kiddos... So naturally we were frequent visitors.

But this trip has been a bit different. Probably because at 24- I'm not exactly a kiddo anymore. And also because my healthy Daddy eats like a bunny now... and bunnies don't eat Whoppers. So even though we have been eating LOTS of wonderful food, we have mostly been steering clear of Burger King.


Coupons saved the day! Hooray! Dad found coupons to BK which meant that yesterday the men and I headed over for an afternoon Burger King stop! Yayyyy!

This wasn't just a trip BK... This was a stroll down memory lane! (Haha yes I'm being dramatic, but REALLY!) When I was sitting at the booth waiting for my chicken sandwich and onion rings, savoring the seconds as Mumford & Sons serenaded my soul... I wanted to press pause on life.

Ah I just love it all. I love being near my Dad. I love the memories. I love inviting Shaun into the memories. I love the feeling of making new memories with these two men together. And I love onion rings. Haha.... Not on the same level as everything else... But still, I thought you should know.

So my beloved friends-here are a few photos I took from yesterday's lunch. You know, now that i look at them again... I think Dad may have been on to me! Perhaps I wasn't as secretive as I thought! Haha oh well! Thanks for treasuring the experience with me! :)

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