Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Go ahead and play in the puddles!

Last week that is exactly what Amy and I did! 
Amy is a beautiful English friend of mine 
She was a student in the first Discipleship Training School 
that Shaun & I led in LA back in 2010! 
Her family graciously hosted us in their castle of a home outside of London.
They are amazing. 
And she reminds me of Julie Andrews... 
adorable, elegant, and as sweet as can be. 
Her accent is the best I've ever heard.
She also has a dog named "Shumba" who made an appearance below! 

I'm SO grateful for our time together!
 & I'm already looking forward to being reunited someday soon!

Here are some photos of 
one particular 
captured on camera thanks to 
Mr. Shaun Hover's 
fantastic photography skills!

Remember friends... 
when life gives you puddles, 
go ahead & play in them! 

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Anonymous said...

Haha thats amazing! =) // Rebecca