Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo diary. Train-ride to Switzerland!

That's right! Shaun headed off for a week in Barcelona & I hopped on a train to Switzerland!

Originally the plan was that Shaun would join me in Switzerland and then we would be in Barcelona together at the end of the month... Buuuut there was a last minute adjustment & Shaun needed to be in Spain early for Calling All Skaters. Sooo it meant we spent 9 days apart, in two separate beautiful countries, with two different groups of incredible friends from around the world.

I missed my Esposito && I'm sure he missed me too... But he was having the time of his life, so he wasn't missing me too much! :)

Here are some photos of the train-ride, after I put Shaun on the airplane to Spain. My first few days in Switzerland were spent in the German part at Dorothea's house! Let me tell you- Dorothea or "Dodo" as we all call her- is a dream girl! Her family is so much fun & her friends are so encouraging. It's no surprise that Dodo has been changing everybody's lives since she has been home. People are getting fired up about Jesus because of her own sparkly heart for Him. She has her first "Beauty Arise" event (for girls & women) coming up next weekend! I'm so excited that Beauty Arise is officially an international ministry!! God is so good!

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