Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photo diary. I forgot to tell you...

That Shaun got his stitches removed at the Tulip Gardens in Holland!

It's true. Remember my last post about going to Keukenhof in Holland to see the pretty flowers? Well the day we went also marked one week since the day Shaun had gotten stitches on his shin in Barcelona. (You may have seen his gruesome photos on Facebook & Instagram! I had compassion for his pain but was disgusting!)

Anyway that morning at the gardens Shaun was asking me how he could get his stitches out, because his leg was swelling & it was time to remove them.

We were thinking about finding a doctor... or we would just find scissors somewhere & do it ourselves. (Even MORE disgusting!)

Then my dad jokingly suggested that we head over to the little "First Aid Center" at the gardens and see if they would do it there. Obviously they are NOT meant to do that sort of thing, but we asked them anyway. (Just so you understand---It would be like going to Disneyland and then asking them to give you some medical care, completely unrelated to the park.)

Anyway, they must have been bored on that rainy morning, because they agreed to do it!!!

After a few minutes of waiting for them to find some scissors small enough for the job, a friendly Dutch woman and her male assistant went to work on Shaun's leg. They removed the stitches, cleaned & wrapped the wound, and sent us on our way-- all completely free of charge!

It was a hilarious way to see God provide us with medical care && we are so grateful!! Here are some photos of the experience!

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