Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo diary. Morning with Doodle bug.

"Doodle bug."

Another name I have for Dorothea. She happens to have more nicknames than anyone else I've ever met. But to me she will either be "Doodle" or "Dodo".

My first morning at her house we went for a walk in the park where I forced her to let me take a million photos of her. Poor thing. As awkward as she felt, the photos turned out beautiful & now she has them for her blog :) && Don't worry, i secretly think she was actually thrilled about it!

((Lesson learned: Friends force friends to take pretty pictures))

After our walk we met her mama in the town & ate a Kebab. This was significant because Dodo has been telling me about these Kebab's for as long as I can remember. It was good to finally enjoy one! And yes... They ARE delicious! So be sure to try one if you are ever Euro-bound.

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