Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photo diary. The German part.

Switzerland is one little beautiful place. But even within that one nation there are four different languages represented! (German, French, Italian & 1 more that I'm forgetting!) That means that different people within the country either learn each others' languages, learn English, or don't speak to each other at all!

All of my Swiss friends either come from the French part of Switzerland or the German part.

Dorothea (one of the regular names around here) is from the German part.
Marie (another regular & practically a sister to me) is from the French part. She and beautiful Elsa cruised over to Dorothea's house for Dodo's birthday. Then we all explored Zurich before driving to Marie's home near Lausanne.

Here are some of our adventures in Zurich. (That's in the German part!)

PS. I rode to Zurich with Dodo & she made sure to stop at a gas station on the way to show me her favorite coffee drink. This is actually our LA tradition when she rides with me- only there her drink of choice is a Starbucks bottled Mocha Frap from the 7Eleven. Oh and we lovingly call 7Eleven, "The Sev". Just so you know.

I LOVE traditions :)

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