Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I like you a latte.

Well.... its really more of a "cafe con leche"...
or at Starbucks they call it a "cafe misto"...
basically its just a delicious coffee with frothed milk.

But either way... 
its a favorite part of my morning routine.   

And by the way...
I really do like you A LOT. 
& I sincerely hope you understood the cute-ness in this blog post title. 

So this one is for my coffee drinking pals. 
Though tea-lovers will benefit too.
And if you're a cocoa girl... then you are in the right place.

I've decided to let you in on how I make a perfect cup-of-Joe.
But I'm going to name her the 
I think it fits better.

The key to this delightful drink is the frothed milk. Since I don't have a fancy milk-frother, I have resorted to a home remedy. It is working exceptionally well. 

1) Brew a pot of coffee. The coffee of choice varies... but I'm NOT a fan of "swamp water"... so if your coffee is disgusting... I don't think even my hot, bubbly milk will save you. 
2) For home-made frothed milk, I use a little blender. Mine is called "The Magic Bullet" and it works like a dream. Another option for this step is to just put a bit of milk in a closed container (like a mason jar) and shake it up for 10-15 seconds. 
3) After shaking or blending, put your milk in the microwave for 30 seconds. Watch it so that it doesn't bubble over. It shouldn't- but it may if it is filled too full.
4) Usually I blend it once more after heating it... I'm a HUGE fan of foam. 

5) By this point my milk is warm & foamy... But if its not quite hot enough, I'll pop it back in the micowave for a few seconds longer. 
6) Now its time to pour a cup of coffee. Make sure you use a mug that is both cozy & cute. I"m pretty certain that good mugs make EVERY hot drink taste better. 
(Remember that if you aren't a coffee fan- 
tea && cocoa would be yummy too!)
7) Next I add the milk. The liquid will pour quickly, but usually the bubbles stay in the bottom of the cup. That's when I use a spoon to scoop out the foam out & set it on top of the coffee. 

8) My sweetener of choice varies between Sugar in the Raw and honey. This week I've been a honey girl because I love the way it swirls on top of the foam. But sprinkling the the Raw Sugar on top is both yummy && pretty... so you can't go wrong.

9) And finally we have the PERFECT-cup-of-Joy to accompany some morning Bible reading & journaling. 


My Path said...

Yay!! You are so good at blogging :) now I don't have to buy that milk frother that Darcy has! As soon as I got home, I put it on my amazon wish list haha. Love you!!!

Melany said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I am definitely going to have to try the milk in mason jar trick ... and will probably have to come up with a fun dance to do while I am shaking it :-)

Anonymous said...

If you come to visit..we can have cafe con lenche and delicious swedish "healthy" chocolate every day..if not I just have to send you some by mail so you can have it with your coffe! // Rebecca Å