Monday, February 25, 2013

a story about a model.

(original photo by my friend April Cossey of text added by me.)

So I came in to dress for a show... and my model was late. No problem. They usually are. But it gave me a unique opportunity to see God at work in the life of the model being dressed next to me.

Her name is Sarah and she came backstage in a bit of a frenzy.
I didn't want to be the weird girl getting into her business... but two things stood out about her...

She was American. (I RARELY meet American models at Fashion Week.)
She was frantically texting someone... looking obviously distressed... and having an extra difficult time focusing on getting ready for the show.

So, despite my fear of being weird, I leaned over and gently asked if everything was okay.

Surprisingly she was not slow to open up. She told me that she had just left her Ipad at her agency, and was feeling pretty confident it had been stolen, because no one had found it yet.

"My Ipad is my life."
I understood.

I took the opportunity to tell her about two separate times when Shaun had left his Iphone in places where they DEFINITELY should have been stolen... once in China and once in Chile... but we prayed to God and He restored them to us. I told Sarah that I would be praying for God to recover her lost Ipad to her... and I prayed it would happen before the show so that she would be able to focus.

She appeared grateful for what I said- though it was obvious that she was doubtful.

Sarah left for hair and make-up but about ten minutes later came back & told me that her Ipad had been found and would be given back to her after the show!

I was SO excited!

However just as we were speaking, Sarah's dressers started putting her feet into the high-heels she would be wearing on the runway & I immediately noticed her eyes filling with tears.

Again I asked if everything was okay.

She quietly told me that just the day before she had been forced to wear shoes that were several sizes too small, and while she was out on the runway she felt her toe crack. The pressure of her weight in the shoe caused her toe to break. Now she was facing a similar situation. The only shoes they had for her were either 3 sizes too small, or equally too big. If she wore the small ones she would be in severe pain. If she wore the big ones she risked rolling her ankle and falling on the runway.

I grabbed her hand and asked if I could pray to Jesus with her... right there.. on the spot.

She was desperate and agreed. I prayed for Jesus to strengthen her ankles and walk with her down the runway. I asked Him to reveal His presence in such a way that she would actually FEEL Him taking care of her. I prayed protection over her feet and ankles, and for grace not to fall.

Just as the show was about to start, God came throught AGAIN. They found a pair of shoes that was her perfect size. She had an amazing walk.

After the show she came back smiling, acknowledging that my prayers had been answered. Her trust had been earned. Her interest in Jesus had been peaked. I was able to invite her to be a part of Models For Christ- a ministry set up specifically to support fashion professionals.

What an awesome thing.

As I read the book of Acts in the Bible I see God moving powerfully to reveal Himself to people. Its encouraging to read, but its even sweeter to see lived out.
Especially backstage.

Its amazing to think that He cares about the details of our lives.
Even little things.
Like iPads, runways and high heeled shoes.


Anonymous said...

oh sweet Jessica, your post truly moved me and made me cry as I sit here at work. But more than your moving account of this event is the overwhelming presence of Jesus in EVERY situation. I feel as though his arms are around me as well as I read this and imagine that moment, seeing someone who may not have known Jesus like we do suddently Get It! I pray this sweet thing contiues to seek Him. God Bless you and your ministry!! Luana Cesario

Jess Hover said...

Thank you so much Luana!! I'm so encouraged that you found this story and were blessed by it!! I hope you have an amazing weekend and that you continue to feel God's closeness to you!! <3