Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outreach in Orange County

So I'm sorry friends, I had hopes of blogging with you more this week but things were more busy than I expected and I've only found time now.

I'll start with a brief update from our outreach in San Clemente last week.

It was AMAZING. We led a team of around 25 fired up young people (mostly ages 17-25 with one 50 year old woman who had more energy than the twenty year olds) We were hosted by Heritage Church- a faithful church of beautiful people. Seriously these people blew me away with their hospitality. They welcomed us, took care of us, encouraged us, and truly believed God to use us in their community.

Over the course of the week I saw the power of God like Ive never seen before. People being healed of physical ailments right in front of me. Lonely people (who appeared beautiful, successful, and wealthy) being met with real hope and true love in Jesus. Spontaneously people wanting to be baptized in the ocean. High schoolers experiencing Gods presence for the first time...

There was so much in such a short time.

I will see if I can post some specific stories from the trip but for now here are some photos.

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