Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrating Meredith.

So the other night we celebrated Meredith. Not because it was her birthday. Actually because it would have been her wedding day, if she and her fiancé had not broken up late last year.

We wanted to be sure Meredith knew how loved she was, and that though her plans are different than she thought, she was going to be okay.

So Shaun, Mike, David, Noah and I had a delicious poolside BBQ at Mikes house. Then we all went to Pasadena for our favorite frozen yogurt.

The end of the night was my favorite though.

The guys decided to have a time of affirming Meredith. We all sat in the living room, for maybe an hour, speaking out the wonderful things we see in her. We shared the ways Gods changed her and stories of how she has impacted others. I spoke up a lot, but I think what the guys shared meant the most to her. It meant the most to me too.

Afterwards we gathered around her and prayed for her life and her future.
We wrapped up after midnight.

I am still blown away by these guys even as I write this a week after it happened. Men who love Jesus, and love girls with pure hearts, are powerful beyond words.

Meredith is a precious little sister. It was a gift to spend the evening with her and encourage her like we did. I just love her so much.

We also drew on Mikes chalk board walls. I loved that too.

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