Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Evening

Hello again!

So I am sitting here in Starbucks with Meredith. It will be closing in ten minutes, and my high aspirations of writing a wonderful blogpost for you are unfortunately not being met...

Its for good reason though.

We intended to come to Starbucks earlier but were asked to watch our God-daughter, Lily, because her mama, Jenny, was in the ER. Jen is finally pregnant again (Praise the Lord because its been crazy for them!!) but she was extra sick so they needed to take her to the hospital. Thankfully she is okay, and the baby is too, so now they are home with Lily... and my blog post will wait until tomorrow.

I just wanted to remind you that I pray for you. Yes, you. Whoever stumbles upon here... and reads these words... you are the subject of many of my prayers.

I hope that encourages you. I believe in you. I believe in God's plans for your life. You are precious.

Here is a cute photo of Lily. She is precious too.

See you tomorrow.

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