Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a He & She list.

The other day Shaun and I were sitting together in a meeting and I started doodling this "He & She" list in my journal. He decided it was pretty fun and started contributing too. After we finished I liked it so much that I decided I would share it on my handy dandy blog.
And so here we are! I hope it is as fun for you to read as it was for us to make! 

He & She...
He is 28.
She is 26.
They met when she was 19 and he was 21.
He was born in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
She was born in Great Falls, Montana. 
He is a night owl.
She is an early bird.
He is logical. She is emotional. 
He is hilarious.
She thinks she is too.
They both love sushi and public speaking.
They also love breakfast burritos.
She walks. He rolls. (Get it?) 
She loves to throw parties.
He loves to attend them. 
He is afraid of spiders.
She is afraid of heights.
He is not afraid to tell a company when he is disappointed in their product.
She is not afraid to do outrageous things in public.
He has been excited about having children since they got married.
She is coming around to it.
She loves all things Disney. 
He thinks Disney is overpriced.
He loves getting a great deal and is excited about practical gifts.
She loves going to pretty places and is excited about extravagant gifts. 
They both love to talk about leadership.
They both love to travel. 
They both think cats and dogs are just okay.
(Actually he might hate them. But she is in denial about that a little bit.)
He loves to be active. She really does too.
They both love the movie The Santa Clause. 
They both love to do life with friends.
He drinks iced coffee with milk and one pump of hazelnut. 
She prefers sipping hot lattes through a straw.
They live in a church. But they are staying with family in Huntington Beach tonight. 
They both think you are pretty amazing for reading this all the way through. 

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