Thursday, October 9, 2014

a little thankful list.

Because it's good to be thankful.
And I'm just in the mood to focus on the good stuff.

I'm thankful for:
1) Little sister Meredith. Last night we played tennis with our husbands and then we took on the adventure of going through her closets (yes plural). It's the best to hang out with her because she thinks I'm funny and I think she is funny and so we spend most of our time laughing at things that other people aren't laughing at. I hope if I ever have a daughter that she will have a little sister like Meredith.

2) The pumpkin treat section at Trader Joe's. What a delightful place. It helps me know that it is fall, even though it is 95 degrees outside. Also I should note their free sample section. We love those free samples.

3) Flowers. I just love them. Sunsets too. I think beautiful things that are created solely for the sake of beauty are the perfect reminder that our God is good. If He takes such care in forming the details of a flower, or in blending the perfect shades of pink into a sunset, surely He will take care of me and the details of my life. Pretty flowers and sunsets have sustained me on days when I'm feeling weak.

4) "Window shopping" on pinterest. It's so relaxing to mindlessly scroll through dream-homes and dream-outfits and dream... everything. I don't do it too much because I think I could accidentally waste my whole life on there, but from time to time it's my favorite.

5) Hearing my little 4 year-old God daughter Lily talk like a grown up. She doesn't always know what she is talking about but she still says everything confidently like the older people do. She started T-ball on Saturday and seeing her in uniform melted us. Her little sister Ella loves to shout "Shaun" when she sees him now. She also shouts it when she sees me and when she sees a skateboard. She says "Jess" occasionally too, but we think she has a crush on Shaun because his name is always followed by an exclamation point when it leaves her lips. It's okay with me. I have a crush on Shaun too.

Okay that's all for tonight. Time to go pick up Shaun from the skatepark! See you Friday!

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Allison Fairbanks said...

Love love love your #3! Such a good reminder. I needed that.