Saturday, July 27, 2013

Update from Husband!

Hi loved ones! Here's a bit of an update for you :)

We don't shower as much as we'd like; we don't have comfy beds to sleep in; we pack super light everywhere we travel, and we always stay up late into the night- But it's all worth it because we experienced the living God break through in our hearts and break out in the LA streets and skateparks everyday and every night. Designed to provide the rawest Calling All Skaters experience possible, LA THRASH was an intense 2 weeks of discipleship, evangelism, and vision, where high school age skateboarders lived and traveled with the Calling All Skaters crew and learned what it means to live a life completely surrendered to Jesus as a young skater.  Three days into the program many of the participants said that their lives had already been changed forever.  God united us as brothers and sisters in Christ more than we knew was possible in such a short time. He also used each one of us as ministers of the gospel- whether in front of a crowd at a skate demo in Hollywood, on the stage of a church in Tujunga, on the curb at a skatepark in Westchester, at a crosswalk in Compton, or around a bonfire in Hermosa Beach. All of us, staff and students, were stretched out of our comfort zones. As a community of skateboarders, surrendering our lives to Jesus daily can sure get uncomfortable, but man is it fun! 

A bunch of the skaters from LA THRASH got baptized on the last day at Venice Beach. It was beautiful. I've included a video of the baptisms :)

Speaking of baptism, Let me share a little story from last night...   

My good friend in ministry had just arrived to LA from Barcelona late night, so of course we had to hit the local Denny's for a midnight meal. As we were checking out, a crew of 10 college age guys and girls came loudly stumbling through the entrance door, hungry after a night of drinking. As I was paying my bill they were waiting to be seated and strategizing as to how they could eat pancakes and still have time to hit the liquor store for more booze. 
I felt intimidated but I knew that I pretty much had a 5 second window to either open my mouth and interrupt their clamor or to just quietly walk past them and out the door. In that instant I realized that if the Holy Spirit lives inside of me then I have no excuse not to share the gospel with them. So I opened my mouth, 
"Hey, guys...I have a question...and If one of you can answer it right I'll buy you a stack of pancakes." 
As soon as I said 'pancakes' I had their undivided attention. So I proceeded with my question, 
"What did I do on my 21st birthday?"  
They immediately started rattling off answers 
"Went to the bar! wasted!...drunk!...hammered!..."  
I let them go on for a while before I piped up revealed the right answer,
"The bible says 'Do not get drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit'. I got baptized on my 21st birthday!"  
They were all shocked. The whole mood completely changed and they told me that they all graduated together from a Christian high school. Having their attention I simply testified of the power of what Christ did at calvary, the reality of the transformation that he did in my heart and the joyful experience it is trusting in God and being intimate with Him on a daily basis.  
It's awesome to see God's relentless love, that He would interrupt this group in the middle of their drunken night to remind them of his love for them and continue to invite them into his grace.  

Jessica and I have recently added 8 new full time staff to the roster for Calling All Skaters and Beauty Arise! These are all guys and girls that we know intimately and trust. We also like them all a lot, which is good because those who join staff with us also move in and live with us. Emma from England has also been interning with Beauty Arise for the last 6 weeks and is getting ready to head back to England next week.

I am coming to Michigan August 6th through the 15th. If you live in Michigan lets hang out! 

We post photos daily showing our lives and our ministry on instagram. If you have instagram you can follow us @shaunhover and @jess_hover
or you can view it all online at and

We love you and we thank you for your support! :)

God bless!

Shaun Hover

Shaunny in his element. Using skateboarding to change lives in Hollywood. 

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