Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the wander years blog.

Because when you find something wonderful, you have to share it! 

Kenzie and Pete are friends of mine. I met Kenzie a couple years ago in New York City on an outreach to Fashion Week. They are YWAM missionaries, and currently live in Kona, Hawaii.  

They are adorable.

So... Kenzie is preggers! And she has a fantastic blog that I think you should know about. 

Here is the link!!

Pretty pictures. Pretty clothes. Pretty amazing DIY stuff. 

I think you'll be into it. 

Here are some photos to help you understand what I mean.

They look like this...

They love each other. It looks something like this...

They are having a baby girl. She looks like this...

She is crafty and makes wonderful things like this...

She even teaches you to do this...

So beauties, do yourself a favor and wander over there.
I have a feeling you will blessed, encouraged, and inspired by their lives. 
I definitely am.

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