Thursday, July 11, 2013

because photos make life more fun.

Drove to Colorado with my cute-as-a-button sister Meredith. 

In Colorado for just a couple days but still managed to squeeze in time with some of my favorite friends on earth!! 

Family dinner on the back porch! 

Attended Melissa's bridal shower AND celebrated getting her braces off! FINALLY! No more jaw surgery!!!

Out && About in Colorado Springs. 

Porch time with beautiful Kristen. Finally met precious Ellis. && much needed fun with my sweet "twinny" Tara!! 

Breakfast at mom's in Cascade & the ever glorious Denver. 

Airport people-watching && delightful surprise reunions with old friends!! 

Back in LA just in time for the 4th!! 

Somehow managed to score an invite to sleep at a beach house in Malibu!!  

Beauty Arise meeting with Carrie & Emma! Tea party style! 

My beloved God-daughter Lily melting my heart first thing in the morning. 

Snuck a photo with this guy in church. Just because I fancy him. 

And a movie night with these beauties! Hooray! 

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