Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo fun. Sincerely, Jessica's iPhone.

just because they are beautiful. 
from the time we were extras on MTV's show "Plain Jane".
 a breakfast date at Ali's house! she doesn't love having her picture taken
so I settled for photographing her cute home
& her cute nail polish on my nails. :) 
Ali worked at Disney for a while so she arranged a day for us to tour Disney Studios! 
Disney Studios-- Mickey Avenue; one of the stages; the dining area; and the "Cutting" building
More of Disney... its hard to see but even the Security Cart is cute & happy looking.
real props from Disney movies & shows. Plus Walt's camera! 
posing with Walt & friends. 
this building... really? sooo cool. 
my guest pass. I know. the photo quality is incredible. my face... its glowing. 
view from the parking garage. 
glimpses from Models for Christ. celebrating Teddy & Steven's birthdays... and Aaron teaching on 1 John. 
hiking in LA with Emma & Carrie (my Beauty Arise staff) before they left to go back home. 
a true friend... she knows I despise pumping gas... so she pumped mine for me! 
being ridiculous on our hike. 
breakfast in Burbank with Emma & Carrie. (ps. bagel breakfasts are my FAVORITE.)
outdoor movie night in Pasadena! 
at the US Open of surfing in Huntington Beach. the top 2 are early morning shots-- before the crowds arrived. 

in Huntington Beach... rode bikes to church with this good looking husband. 
hello. :) 

had to say goodbye to these 2 lovelies this week!
Emma is back in England &&
 Carrie is home in West Virginia getting ready for her trip to Europe for Eve & JP's wedding! 
Aaaaaaaaannnnndddd now that LA Thrash is over and we aren't living with a huge group of skateboarders...
I finally get to go on a few dates with this guy! Hooray! 

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