Monday, June 9, 2014

vlog from Barcelona.

a video blog from outside our apartment.
haha... its a bit all over the place but its something! 
 photo 4-1.png


tk. said...

Love this, Jess! I don't check in on your blog very often so it surprised me to just so happen to click on it when you posted about mustard seeds, planting, and sowing. Been such a message in my life this week - thanks for the encouragement! Loved Godly timed surprises like this. Praying for you and Shaun, opportunities for Beauty Arise and MFC in Barcelona, lots of wonderful spanish speaking friends (who you can chat about cheeks, eyebrows, and lipstick with), and for provision. <3 xxxxxx

Gracie Belle said...

This made my day just to let you know! I love you stepping out haha this video was so funny but so much good content! Can't wait for the next one!