Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 things. like weddings & friends. & my dad's birthday!

1. I have mastered the art of smiling, nodding, and saying "Si, si," as if I understand Spanish perfectly. I do understand a lot of things, but I also don't understand a lot of things... which makes my days more adventurous.
Also I have a friend here who teaches me Spanish once a week. She is learning English too so our conversations are really.... cute. My favorite part is when she is trying to tell me that she loves something... like a certain type of music, or a food, or a place... she doesn't know to say "I love it" or "I love them" so instead she always says "I love you." It's perfect and feels so good I actually don't want to correct her. She will say things like, "Do you know Hillsong? I LOVE YOU!" or "My friend from Australia- I LOVE YOU!" or "Do you eat this food? Es so good. I LOVE YOU!"
Haha. I love Spain.

2. I listen to podcasts from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC when I go for walks.

3. I have LOVED watching my friend Grace's videos on youtube to help with my Spanish learning. She is from Madrid but we did YWAM together almost 7 years ago and went on outreach together to Thailand. Since then she has literally become a youtube sensation, and its a delight for me to watch her vids. Not only are they helping with the language but I also get me new ideas for how to dress cute and what to do with my hair. Yessss. Here I'll post one of her videos so you can see how lovely she is...
4. Today we are having a group of girls over from YWAM Australia. Kate is making a yummy lunch for them and we'll be encouraging them Beauty Arise style- I'll share my story & speak specifically on things like body image & identity. It's going to be awesome.

5. I am SO excited for the weddings happening this summer. I love weddings! And these weddings are even better because some of my most favorite people ever made get to be the brides! So many prayers have gone into seeing these stories happen, its a joy to be celebrating all these precious friends all at once! Two of them are even having weddings on the same day! Shaun and I want to be at both weddings so badly but since we can't, we have decided to tag-team- He is going to celebrate with Lauren & Davy in Michigan, while I'll be holding it down in Washington with Beka & Nolan. Then after the parties are over we will come together again to get ready for my sister's wedding on August 9th! Woohoo!
 And now let's take a moment to soak up the cuteness of these couples. Ahhhh. 
((First is Beks & Nolan, then the middle is Lauren & Davy, & last is Meredith (my sister) & David.)) 

6. This weekend was my Daddy's birthday!! Which brings me back to another thing I love about weddings... they bring people together! My Dad is living in Korea right now which is pretty far away, BUT I get to see him soon because Meredie is tying the knot and our whole family is going to be there! My Dad is coming and so is my older brother, his wife & my nieces Rosie & Sasha. This means Dad will get to be with both his daughters, and both his granddaughters at the same time... now if that isn't a recipe for a wonderfully girly time I don't know what is. (Plus there are rumors that Disneyland is going to be involved, which you know is the key to my heart soooo.... its bound to be an amazing pre-wedding week.) Anyway I praise God for giving me such an amazing Dad who loves my family the way he does. He is selfless, hardworking, extra funny, brave, and has always been committed to seeing us become our best. It's an honor to be his daughter & I'm thankful there is a whole day on the calendar that's highlighted just for us to remind him how incredibly important he is. 

And those are my 6 things on this Wednesday!

PS. Tomorrow I will go to Switzerland to visit Marie & DK & Dodo!
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