Friday, March 22, 2013

So yesterday...

...Was wonderful. 

You may have noticed that its been rather quiet over here on this blog. 
Well... not tonight. I am excited to be able to share my life with you again. 
And tonight I'm verging on the side of over-kill. But it's okay. I'm allowed. I've been missing this place. 

Yesterday I had a fun opportunity to work a fashion event in Orange County, through a woman that I met in New York. It went really well! I think that by doing the show yesterday,
 we now have opportunities to work lots of different shows around LA. 
More opportunities to share the love of Christ in this industry! I am thrilled. 

Rather than tell you more about yesterday, 
I thought it would be more fun to just show you what we did. 
Waiting on the sidewalk for my studly husband to come pick me up after the show. 

The event was at a GORGEOUS resort.

I know.. makes you want to swim in it. Me too. 

I should have photographed the parking lot. Every car looked like it costed a gazillion dollars.
(PS. I'm NOT a mathematician) 

Backstage. My model is in the middle. Her name is Amanda. 

After the show I stumbled upon a free lunch. While I ate I got to share my life story with a table of older people. One woman cried as I talked about how Jesus had healed and restored me. The sweetest Christian Grandpa was sitting next to me. He hugged me and kissed my head after and made sure that I brought Doritos and an orange out to Shaun. 

My main squeeze.

Isn't Orange County pretty? 

And the ocean?

We headed over to Huntington Beach High School to see our family. I lost Shaun momentarily... but then I found him again. Way down there. Looking at a rail and imagining what skate tricks he could do on it. 

Welcome to my life. Every rail & stair-set means we will be delayed ten minutes. 


We finally got to see our little brother George. He ran the mile in 4 min. & 24 seconds! First place. 

This is my Huntington Beach mom. Her name is Gina. She adopted us like 5 years ago. We are so thankful. 

Did you know that now you can order latte's at outdoor track & field events?? 

Yes... he is about to steam my milk for a chai latte. I was still in unbelief. 

See!? He made me a real chai latte... outside... while watching track... at a high school. I wonder if this is just because its SoCal or if every high school sporting event has progressed this much... 

After leaving the high school we headed to dinner. I think this photo is hilarious. 

Wahoo's Fish Tacos for dinner! 

I should have taken the photo while our meals were still pretty. He got the fish tacos.
I got the grilled fish Bonzai Bowl. Soooo yummy!

Then we drove back to YWAM LA to hear a guy from South Africa speak. He was talking about how God's signature is uniquely shown through each of our lives. He had a great accent and led us in some incredible African dancing. 

My favorite thing he said was,
"The best gift that God has given you is YOU.
Please accept it.
I know you want to be someone else
but please just accept being yourself!
It is so good!"


Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

I coached high school track.... Def no lattes there... Must be only SoCal...

Melany said...

love love LOVE that last quote. Soooo good. You are amazing Jessica. Thanks for all you do to share your life with the world. Much love to you!!!