Friday, March 22, 2013

LA Style Fashion Week. [according to my iphone.]

Lauren, Shannon, and Lizbeth deflating the air mattress in the morning.
"Teamwork makes the dream work!" -Lauren

I took a picture of the girls taking a picture. Yes. I did this while driving. 

Last day of fashion week somone stole our car battery! 

Tuesday Alissa was the main lady in charge because I was gone :) She is amazing. 

A lovely Brazilian model. Her name is Hettielly. Good luck pronouncing it. 

Adorable Helene. German models are so lovable. 

Volunteers!! I know what you are thinking.... how is it that all of the girls in all of these photos are so beautiful?? 

My ladies :) 

Lauren and Charity were the assistants to the backstage director. One night our models were are young as 2 years old. :) 

Little models. 


Struttin on the runway during rehearsal. 

Rehearsal. The designers were cheering them on. 

Little cuties with the designers. Frankie and Sue. 

Can't get enough of the little beauties. 


Just waiting backstage. (PS. Anna & Alissa in the front row are two of my Beauty Arise staff. LOVE them.) 

Lots happening back stage. 

Some of our volunteers. 

Friends since middle school! God brought us together and put us in charge backstage! 

I just like this. Salt and peppa. 

Right before the show. 

People everywhere. 

Models right before the show starts. 

Lauren! Came all the way from Michigan to help! (You may recognize her from all of my NYC photos! We were inseparable!) 

The Pia Gladys Perey Show. 

So good to have Whitney in the show! She is a part of Models For Christ & has done YWAM too!
And that blonde bombshell to my right? She is my neighbor at the church we live in. We adore her. 

Gettin ready! Yes. The light is SUPER bright back there. 

Anna and Lizbeth just dressed Eramome! 

Men's shoes. 

A Presentation in the courtyard of the Vibiana. 

Alissa and Charity steaming a dress. 

That same presentation from before. 

Willy Wonka practicing his strut.

The finale of the Pia show. 

These women are amazing. 

Packing up all the chairs after the week was over! 

Still packing chairs.

Still packing more chairs. 

There is so much to love about this photo. These girls are precious.
My Models For Christ volunteers.
... And yes. I took this while driving. 

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