Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LA Style Fashion Week...

Has been amazing so far.

Day 2 has finished. My legs ache, I need a shower, and I'm pretty sure I smell like my husband does after he finishes a skate sesh.

But my heart is full.

The Bible says that we were created in God's image-- meaning we resemble Him.

These fashion people are reminders to me of how incredibly creative our God is. All of the unique colors, shapes, and designs... The God we resemble certainly is not boring.

Today I was also reminded, once again, that there is more to life than simply being beautiful.

The other night at MFC a model asked the group,"What do you want to be remembered for? Do you just want to be a beautiful girl? Because there are millions of beautiful girls. What legacy do you really want to leave behind?"

Well today I was working with male models. They were all good looking. And quite talented. But do you know what separated a few of them from the rest?


Most of them were charming.
Some were confident. (Borderline arrogant.)

But the memorable ones?
They were humble. & Thankful. & Genuine.

They stood out from the crowd because of their hearts.

No question.

After the show all of the girls in my car talked about their favorite models and we agreed that our favorite models were the ones that were kind and grateful.

Those qualities make a world of difference.

...So if it goes like that with a day full of mostly men- that the most memorable ones are the humble ones.

Then same must go for the ladies. There are plenty of physically beautiful girls in this world. But it is our hearts, not our waistlines, that will determine whether or not we are memorable.

The legacy we leave behind will be based on things like humility, kindness, and love. All the external stuff fades away in comparison to those things.

I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep now... And praying that God will continue to purify this heart of mine... So that the legacy I leave will always point to Heaven.

I just want to look like my Creator.
The Designer of all things beautiful.

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