Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fashion Week LA. A jumble of stories.

You might remember that last year I stumbled upon an opportunity to dress backstage for Fashion Week in NYC. Which then led to an opportunity to dress backstage for Style Fashion Week Los Angeles.

Well... Fast forward to this week when I found myself in charge of all of the dressers backstage for Fashion Week Los Angeles!!!

How did it happen???

He died. Rose again. Gave me new life. Filled me with His Spirit.
Then plopped me backstage to show other people the power of His love.

And oh man did His power show.

Like on Wednesday. When my friend Anna and I were organizing which of our dressers would be dressing each specific model. We literally sat their with our clipboards trying to make sense of things that we truly had no idea how to do.

I'll try to explain our dilemma. 4 designers. 1 show. Each with like 12 models. 1 designer would show their stuff at a time. Then the lights would dim. Music would change. And a new designer's line would start immediately. But they shared models. So a
model would walk the runway, then have like 1 minute to change her outfit into a different designer's look, 1 more minute to get her hair changed to fit that show and to get her makeup fixed, and then she was back out on the runway again.

But some models were shared between designers 1 and 2. Others between 1 and 3. Others 3 and 4.

And we had to figure out how to get our 20 dressers where they needed to be so that not a single detail was missed in and of the shows.

If you don't get it...
That's the point...
I didn't get it either.

But somehow, by the grace an power of God, we did it!

Our friends were praying like mad while we choreographed the evening on paper.

We texted our guys back at the skate house to pray for us and they texted us encouragements like, "God will guide your hands."

And He did!

We not only figured it all out, but we did everything backstage with excellence! God totally took care of everything!

He even gave me words to say when people would ask me questions that I had no idea how to answer!

The whole thing was amazing!

Before the show we gathered backstage to pray as a small group of my Christian friends. But as word got out that we were praying, more and more people joined us! Eventually our circle of prayer filled the courtyard!

During the show a girl came to me and said, "It feels so peaceful tonight! We should pray before every show!"

During the show we had girls who were able to pray with designers, models, and even the DJ for the after party wanted prayer!

My friend Nova, prayed for two models and saw them get physically healed.

My friend Katlyn led two girls in praying to receive Jesus as their Savior!

One designer asked what was different about our "energy"... Pointing out that they had never seen anything like it!

Each day God outdid Himself. Each new show brought new signs and wonders of His faithfulness!

As I prayed for Him to move each day it almost felt silly, as if He was smiling and saying,

"Jess I have always been faithful to meet you, why would I stop now?"

It's beautiful to me that the same God who moved through me with the refugees in the Himalayas of India, and with the prostitutes in the Red Light District of Thailand, and with the gangs in the ghetto of Chile... Is delighted to reveal Himself through me backstage at a fashion show.

Same God.
Same love.
Same mission- to make Himself known.
The only difference is the mission field.
But Jesus is just as passionate about models and designers, as He was about the refugees, prostitutes, and gangsters.
He is passionate about ALL of His children.

It is His desire for us to know Him, receive His forgiveness, and walk in new life, according to His great power at work in us.

What an awesome God.

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