Thursday, February 6, 2014

25 things.

25 things. Because I have been 25 for 6 months. & I have 6 months left of being 25.

1. I still love being 25.
2. I am in New York City.
3. Shaunny leaves for China tonight.
4. We will be apart for 17 days.
5. I am working backstage at Fashion Week everyday this week.
6. I sincerely hope that I will be used by God this week to encourage hopeless hearts.
7. My younger sister, Meredith, is here in New York with me.
8. Today a handome guy from Sweden that is volunteering with us shared about his experience backstage. He said that he was looking out at the young beautiful models and realizing that they were worth so much more than they knew. He said that his heart broke for them, because they don't know how precious and valuable they are. They are treated more like objects, a tool used to sell a product. They are needed one day and dismissed the next, all because of their physical appearance. He was moved with "the poverty of their hearts" because he saw that without an understanding of who they are in Christ, they are hopeless. // It was sweet to hear his words. I have thought them often, but it carries a different weight when it is coming from a man.
9. I think Shaun is getting more attractive as he gets older.
10. I am insecure a lot of things. They vary on the daily. ((ie. Clothes. Hair. Skin. Body. Marriage. My ability to lead. Friendships. My ability to be a wife. Aging. Intelligence. Education... or lack of education... you name it. I face it. Just so you know.))
11. I like coffee. I know for sure because I gave up caffeine and still wanted the taste of coffee so I drank decaf. Interesting. ((No, I am not pregnant. I was just fasting caffeine because I felt too dependant on it.))
12. I don't love dogs. But I understand dog-lovers. My sister is a dog lady. So I feel sad for dog-lovers when their pup dies... even though I still don't quite comprehend why it feels so sad. I'm trying.
13. I have a tattoo on my foot. I got it when I was 18. It's in white ink though so it only shows up on occassion.
18. I just skipped 14-17.
19. I pray for professionals in fashion & entertainment often. I believe they lead our culture. Lately I've been praying a lot for Kelly Cutrone, Cara Loren, & Eminem (random but I just think he is SO gifted).
20. You can learn a lot about someone's future by the friends they have and the books they read. I have told you that before but I think it is worth reminding ourselves again. Do our friends bring out the best in us? Do they sharpen us, encourage us, and challenge us when we are living like bums instead of living the rich, potential filled life we were made for? Hmmm... good questions Jess... good questions...
23. I skipped 21 & 22.
24. I want to teach you all how to pack light. I've become extra good at it in my recent years so I think its time I share my insights. ((This thought inspired by a photo on Instagram of adorable Hillary Duff travelling to NYC for 2 weeks and packing more than I own. With the cost of checking bags on airplanes being sky high ...mwahaha pun intended... there is no way I could pack like that and still have money to eat.))
25. Things are going to be okay. Even when it all feels out of control, we don't have to give in to those feelings of anxiety & hoplessness. Just breathe. Pray. Do what you can. && trust that God will take care of the rest.

Just some thoughts on a Thursday.

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& a sweet treat before bed! goodnight friends!


Mahalia said...

1. I love you
2. I think you are beautiful inside
3. I think you are gorgeous on the outside
4. I think you are smart
5. I think you are funny
6. I love the way you love Jesus
7. I think you love others well
8. You are a great big sister, even to sisters that aren't related to you
9. I love the way that you adore Shaun
10. I could keep going on like this for a long time but people might get a little annoyed with me.
11. This is not for other people, so I don't care ;)
12. I love watching you pray for others.
13. I love how you care for a certain older woman who can scare the pants off of me ;)
14. I love hearing your insights on all sorts of things.
15. You are an amazing dancer
16. I am so proud of you for going to places that other people would be scared to go and love on people that other people don't even see
17. I miss you at meal time when you are not at the base
21. I am skipping 18-20
22. I like reading the comments between you and your mom on facebook
23. I think it is so col that you are praying for people in the entertainment industry. They are an important influence and we need for them to know the truth of who God is and how much he loves them
24. I think that you are wise beyond your 25 years
25. I can't wait to hear all of your amazing stories from this week!
Love, <3 Me

Jess Hover said...

This is the BEST COMMENT EVER. :) Love you Mahalia thank you for making my day!!