Thursday, January 9, 2014

dear 2014

Dear 2014,

I'm so glad you are here. I haven't blogged yet since you arrived, but don't be alarmed, it's not because you are not giving me anything to talk about... it's just that I have been trying to unplug a bit and focus on other things. 

But I'm back. And I am excited to tell my friends about you. 

Let's make most of the next 356 days okay. I'm not saying we won't face challenges... I'm anticipating it, but I've given you to God and I'm trusting Him to carry me.... even on the days I would rather sleep through. 

Sometimes I might have moments where I wish you were 1998, or 2005... but just give me a few minutes... it's not you, its me... I'll get through... and soon enough I'll remember again how precious you are and how hopeful my future is. 

2014 YOU ARE A GIFT and I fully intend to be grateful for you for the entirety of our story together. 
You are important. There will never be another one of you. So I am excited to see what will unfold as I soak up everything you have for me and the ones I love. 

Here are a handful of my desires that I'd like to see us do together...
- encourage LOTS of hearts 
- share the love of Heaven boldly with people in need... especially with people that I might normally feel insecure around... like at Fashion Week in NYC next month
- start Beauty Arise in Barcelona
- decorate the room we are living in at the church in LA ((its been over a year that we have lived there & I see great potential for that little space))
- see MFC LA flourish as I lead with confidence & grace from God
- improve my Spanish
- improve my cooking skills ((one thing you will learn about me is I am a WAY better eater than a cooker)) 
- improve my blogging abilities... for the sake of my sweet friends who hang out here every so often
- get better at managing my finances
-enjoy being me... and not spend time wishing i was someone else
- and mostly i want to "fix my eyes on the unseen", but don't worry I'll explain more about that later

2014, I am excited to cherish you and treat you like the most important year of my life. 
Just like I tried to do with your older sister... 2013. 

So in the words of good old Taylor Swift...
It's enchanting to meet you. 

I leave you with a jumble of photos from the time when I played in the snow 
with Dani and Shaun & they took some pretty pictures!
Happy 2014!!


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