Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear 25 year old... Love, Megan Burmester

To keep with my "Dear 25 year old" series I want to share a bit of what my friend Megan sent me for my 25th birthday. Megan and her husband Nigel are directors of the Chronological School of Biblical Studies at Youth With a Mission LA. Megan is best known for her wisdom, her leadership, and her (mostly inappropriate) sense of humor... which is just as essential to our lives as her wisdom and leadership! 
We are so grateful for Megan and her family. 

Dear 25 year old, 

So as I was thinking about what I would want to hear when I was 25...I really think that one thing that I am learning and have learned is to embrace my flaws, weaknesses and insecurities. If Jesus can love them in me, than I can too. I think that when we embrace them, then we can begin to work on them. But generally, when we "hate" them or "fight" them, they rear their ugly heads.

Also, I think that it is a spiritual discipline to take care of ourselves. I think in the church, it's looked at as selfish but I like this analogy I heard regarding parenting. It can apply in many other areas too--
When you fly and the oxygen masks pop down, they always tell you to get your oxygen mask on first, then you can help others. 
If we don't care for ourselves, we often can end up having nothing left for others. It's a must. And how do we take care of ourselves? I believe in finding things that bring us life and joy. For me, it is photography. I recharge doing this and I find joy in it. Also in being out in nature. I feel so close to Jesus in those moments. Making sure I am planning time like this every week. Not just giving and giving out because that drains you. And it is not what Jesus wants.
Finally, I would tell myself to relax and enjoy my relationship with Jesus. I was so consumed (stressed) with being perfect that I missed out on just being with him. He is perfect and that's enough for me. I can look honestly at myself and know that I am okay in Him. It enables me to enjoy Him. I still struggle at times and I am still really hard on myself but I usually just remind myself that I am His.
Love, Megan Burmester


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