Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear 25 year old, Love Amy Jackson Halley

Hi friends! 

In my last post I introduced you to the "Dear 25 year old," series... and here we are!

I am kicking things off with some of the encouraging insights I received from my wonderful friend Amy Halley. 

I met Amy 6 years ago, back while her last name was still Jackson. She was a missionary on staff with YWAM LA and a staff member of my Discipleship Training School in 2007. Amy has since moved on from YWAM- she graduated from Fuller Seminary, and is freshly married to her amazing husband John. 

I do not say this lightly when I say that I have never known anyone quite like Amy. (& I am quite confident that all of her friends agree with me.) She is a beautiful red-haired "Georgia peach" and she is best known for being genuine, kind, prayerful, sweet, balanced, humble and faithful in ALL she does. 

As I am going about my daily life I frequently recount memories of Amy & different things I saw her do & say while she was on staff with me. It's a great privilege to have her as an example in my life and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share her thoughts with you.

(In parentheses you will see the questions I asked Amy-- Her response is in bold.)

PS. I'm posting from my phone so the fonts might get messed up... Just excuse it :)


[What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you were 25?]

Always keep your resume updated (even the little things); have a water bottle near by at all times (you will drink more); try yoga (you'll probably like it), you can't stay friends with everyone (seasons are a part of life) relationships ebb and flow.

[If you could go back and tell yourself something on your 25th birthday, what would you tell yourself?]

Relax and enjoy life. It is not meant to be a confusing mess...take one day at a time (as much as possible), get good sleep, and laugh as much as you can. Prayer works, keep doing it; God is working all the time- don't forget it. :)

[What are some important things to prioritize as a 25 year old?]

Be wise with your money. Don't spend frivolously, but do treat yourself to things here and there. Living on a budget can actually be very freeing, because when you track your money you can see what you are able to be generous with! You can give more.

Try to see your extended family. As you grow up, so will they; they will have changed, aged, etc...and for many of them they are only getting never know how much time you will have with's good to visit.

Use your energy wisely. There are very few other times in life that our bodies are as able to take on as much as when we are 25; use your time and strength in ways that are helpful.

Eat well, sleep well, relax well, and exercise well. You will feel so much better and be a better person all around.

[Anything else you would want to tell a room full of fresh 25 year olds?]

Everyone is different; you will have a "year 25" that is different than everyone else. While it is helpful to get perspective on what year 25 can look like, also remember it can be dangerous to compare your situation/life/being with another. Some at 25 are mothers, some are lonely, some are hard at work, some are students, some are engaged, some are broken-hearted, some are rich, some are very poor. Be kind to one another...everyone is trying to live in this, spread love, and just try to be the you that you were created to be...that is the most important thing. And, the amazing this is, God will help you do all this...just ask him.

Love, Amy Halley

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