Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear 25 year old... Love, Bonnie Kusel

Dear 25 year old,

I remember turning 25, sitting on my bed and journaling, which was mainly me writing letters to God. I remember specifically writing about, actually worrying about, when was I going to find my husband? I worried a lot about this, even though I knew I could trust Him to work it out - it's just a hard thing to wait for... I really wish I hadn't spent so much energy worrying about this. I put too much stock into thinking that once I got married, I would finally be fully loved and content. I wish I would have been able to hear from someone else, to let myself feel fully loved by others around me, and just have more fun with life. 

I also worried a lot about my weight and appearance - always thinking if I could just lose 5 pounds or 10 pounds, my life would be perfect. Even after I got engaged (to the perfect guy!), worked out all the time, had a decent body, I still avoided the camera - even on my honeymoon. What a waste! A few years later when i would see pictures of myself on my honeymoon, I realized I actually looked fine - how silly of me to wish no pictures were taken... 

So, all that to say: ENJOY your life, let yourself feel fully alive in every moment! Let yourself fully receive love from those around you, whether you're single or married; let yourself feel free and content, enjoy what you have, enjoy eating, being silly, carefree! Don't ever waste time thinking about those 5 or 10 extra pounds - it's just not worth it! God made you exactly how He wanted you to be, and the 20's should be the BEST time of your life! Believe you are SPECIAL!! Don't limit yourself to thinking, "IF ONLY," if only i was married, if only I had kids, if only I had money.... those thoughts steal from happiness and joy. 

God is always guiding us gently to a life fully lived each day, even when circumstances may not be exactly what we want... smile, breathe, enjoy!

Love, Bonnie Kusel

Conrad & Bonnie Kusel... not only are they ridiculously good looking,
they are also our treasured friends, trusted mentors & the Training Directors at YWAM Los Angeles. 

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