Monday, September 24, 2012

Fashion Week Outreach. Part 2.

Favorite story #2.
I was able to dress a model that I had worked with last year. Actually I didn't remember her at first- but she remembered me. Last year during a show she almost passed out and i was able to help to take care of her. At the end of our time together this year she said, "Do you know how I remembered you? It was your eyes, the way you looked at me..."

It's incredible to me that this girl can interact with dozens of dressers in a single fashion week, and yet a year later she can remember one of them simply because they looked at her differently than the rest. I am amazed at how little things like a smile, or a compassionate glance, can communicate Gods love.

Favorite//Hilarious story...#3.
One night I was assigned to dress a male model. I had done that once before so I didn't feel terribly nervous.... Until I saw the outfit he would be wearing. Actually it would be better to say... The outfit he wouldn't be wearing... Because really he walked down the catwalk wearing mostly skin. I was just there to help with his SPEEDO!! Haha oh and I had to help him tie his boots and put on his jewelry... But the only outfits he wore were speedos. The first was covered in pink and white flowers and the second was a little less revealing... A pair of pearl printed spandex shorts.

I was so afraid I was going to have to see his area. Haha i turned to my friend and whispered... "Am i going to have to see his willy????"

Nudity is everywhere backstage but I only ever work with females, so the thought of a naked man made me apprehensive (frightened!).

As I was praying for my model I asked God to show me His pure love for this man I was about to dress. As I did that He reminded me of a little two year old boy I had been playing with moments before coming backstage. I felt like God was showing me that His love for my model was no different than His love for that little boy, and I was to be just as caring & respectful toward this man as I was to that child.

Eventually my model came out and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Unlike the other two male models that had come out first that were making crude jokes and boasting about their bodies, my model was humble and sweet. After seeing his outfit he politely asked if he could change somewhere private so people wouldn't see his body. Being that it was a fashion show and time was limited, I informed him that he had to dress backstage with everyone else- but I told him I'd do everything I could to cover him while he changed so no one would see him. It was incredible! Even the other dressers near me told me not to cover him, or they jokingly asked me to drop what I was using to cover him... So that everyone could see him naked. But I had the fear of God on me and knew it was my job to protect his integrity (just as I would have protected that little 2 year old if someone was going to take advantage of him)... So I covered him up with my whole heart. :) and the show went SO well! My model did a great job! And our quick change into his second outfit was perfect! After the show I covered him again so he could get back into his normal clothes, and he was completely grateful and honoring to me- he really saw that I tried hard to protect him.

I felt really loved by God and deeply thankful to be entrusted with His son for that show, because all I could think about was how much God loved this man. Right after it was finished I called Shaun to tell him about what had happened.. he was so excited for me. I'm also thankful to be married to a husband that teaches me daily how to love well... and I praise Jesus for a husband that will NEVER wear a floral speedo!

PS. If you want to see some of the outfits from this show check out:

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for more photos and video from the outreach!! 

With Eve & Carrie being ridiculous after dressing for a show
With Alissa at Lincoln Center... and in the rain at Times Square
Eve, Anna, and Carrie in a show
Supporting our model friend in her show :) 

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