Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photos to share what my words did not!

Hopefully these will tell you what I've been doing these past few weeks- since I haven't done a good job writing about it!!
Marie's bridal shower. "Long-arming" some photos of our glitter faces.
Walking the aisle at the Kim wedding with my brother Jesse Ruggles.
Mr. and Mrs. Kim!! 
The bachelorette party was kinda/sorta cancelled so we made a run to Whole Foods to get snacks for a girly sleepover.  Beka, Meredee and I spent 30 minutes playing in the store :) 
My handsome husband and beautiful sister after the wedding Saturday.
My birthday evening getting some yogurt in Pasadena with 2 beautiful Swiss friends. 
Beka came to visit!!
photo shoot in studio city- these are other YWAM "Create" leaders (and my lovely friends!) 
The bride's youngest sister and my "best friend" :) we hit it off right away... she speaks VERY little English and I speak like 3 words in French... but we both understood "Best Friends"... so thats what we decided to be! 
Alexa came to visit. Melissa came to visit. Kalyn and I dressed in white for a "Puri-tea Party"... and Marie and I cooked fish in the YWAM kitchen :) 
Yogurt for my 24th! 
Playing with my little sister. :) 

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