Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a funny story worth remembering :)

So I was looking through my photos just now and came across 4 that I had forgotten about. I am going to delete them, but first I thought I should share the funny story about where they were taken.. Just so we can smile on this Wednesday..

It was our last week in Chile and we were on the roof of the hotel that we were staying in. Our team had eaten dinner together up there and then afterwards Shaun and our friend Spencer mysteriously disappeared. They said something about looking for a sauna.. but didn't say much more than that. About fifteen minutes passed and I decided to go looking for them, just so I could get the key to the room we were staying in. I began searching the upstairs area for a sauna and couldn't find anything. I even went downstairs to a different area and looked there.. but still found nothing. Finally I made it back up to the roof and found a Chilean man to ask for directions to the sauna.. if in fact the sauna existed. The man pointed to the woman's bathroom. ... I was perplexed. "Sauna?" I repeated. Again he pointed to the woman's bathroom. 

So being confused I walked into the woman's bathroom, knowing quite well that Shaun wouldn't be in there. Haha.. I was very wrong. 

I walked around the corner and this is what I saw...

Yes. I found Shaun and Spencer in the woman's bathroom, in this tiny hot box "sauna", just talking about life and sweating like animals. When I caught them, they smiled like little boys in trouble and decided that it was time to get out.

So being a good wife.. I died laughing, invited some friends to come laugh with me, and snapped a few photos before they left the room. I wanted to be sure I had evidence to remind Shaun how ridiculous he is.. just in case he forgets.

There is nothing profound to say about this... I can't really relate it to God and encourage you to go out and change the world because of the incredible analogy I come up with. My only goal in sharing this is that perhaps it will make you smile. We all need smiles sometimes. :)


Katlynmily said...

hehe this is cute! I have a request for you lovely! Could you and Shaun possibly do a collaborative entry about marriage? Lately, I've been so discouraged by everyone in Hollywood divorcing and even my friends parents divorcing after 15+ years of marriage. I'm scared! You and Shaun have a lot to teach on this topic, so I was just wondering if you could shine some hope on the topic! Thanks !

Jessica Diane said...

That's a great idea! Thank you for the request! I talked to Shaun about it and we hope to do something in the future. I'm sorry to hear about your friends... I am seeing things like that happening all over. But don't be afraid- God is so faithful & He teaches us to be faithful to our spouses. Its not always easy but it is definitely possible. Thank you for writing me! Have a great week!