Sunday, December 4, 2011


This little man had an enormous heart. Karl's favorite thing to do was worship Jesus. It brings me peace knowing that he is doing his most favorite thing right this very moment. I miss you little brother. I love you always. 

Baby boy. How much you are loved, and yet I know you barely believe its true. I know it takes every bit of you to believe in me, too. For every time you were told something different, I will be there whispering in your ear how much my love for you is truly what is real. How many tears I have wiped from your pain-stricken face, as your mind is filled with memories and lies you beg for me to erase.  I created you with such a delicate heart, to portray my gentleness like no other could impart. 

Baby boy. I have loved you through every good and hard day, loved you through every sleepless night, pulled your covers up tighter when you were afraid. And I had my people praying, you may not have even known, someone each night, I placed your name on their heart. Your name, little one, was etched on the palm of my hand when you said "yes" to me, and despite where you slipped, you will be with me for eternity. 

Baby boy. I have brought you home. For in my great mercy, I cannot watch you hurt, I had to tell you in person just how much I love you. You don't yet have knowledge of the great impact you have left with your short life, the passion you praised my Name with, and the humble vulnerability of your fight. Your hunger, I now fully satisfy, as you forever abide in my presence. No more tears. My holy deliverance.


By Kate Hunt

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