Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Steps to Live Your Dream - Life Advice

((I won't normally be posting two videos in one day but having strong wifi is a gift that I need to take advantage of right now!)) 

I am beginning to do weekly videos of life advice & encouragement just for you. This is something that has been a long time in the making and I sincerely hope they can be a gift to your lives. Sometimes the topics will be fun ones, other times more serious, but always made with lots of love from me. If you have specific things you hope I talk about or questions you want me (or me & Shaun!) to answer, please leave a comment or write me a message and let me know! 

This first video isn't my most favorite one but I needed to start somewhere so here it is! 
((Made in our Barcelona apartment on my trusty iphone. Woohoo!))

Enjoy! Love you guys! 

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Madeline Mittel said...

Jess! Thank you for posting this VLOG! There is so much wisdom in each of those tips for pursuing your dream. I can relate to each reason why I haven't 'bit the bullet' on my dream of fashion/lifestyle blogging (definitely a perfectionist, scared to fail, and what will people think?!) in hopes of pursuing my passion for fashion (but is that materialistic/selfish?! I can't help that that's what the Lord created me to be passionate about..) so thank you for sharing your advice! I just love your blog! xoxo
Madeline Mittel

Carla Martinez said...

this is so good Jessica!

Megan Burmester said...

This really speaks to me right now, Jessica! Thank you so much. My dream right now is to get healthy and lose weight. I love your advice. I also have other dreams and it's so encouraging to hear from you. Plus, your darling!

Michael Bent said...

Jess you are awesome, needed to hear this invitation to intentionally pursue the passions God has given me and greatful to hear your thoughts. You are a wise woman of God and I appreciate you intentionality in life =)