Sunday, August 3, 2014

3 things.

1. My birthday is Tuesday, August 5th! Mmmmm I just love birthdays. 
This photo is from Pinterest and its dreamy so I'm posting it because I think my birthday will be dreamy too.

2. My sister gets married to a Canadian this Saturday and my husband is officiating the wedding! Family is already arriving from out of state and out of country & I'm delighted to help host the week's festivities.

3. I just booked my ticket to New York City to help lead another Fashion Week outreach! Feeling nervous... as per usual... but also expectant because Jesus always always ALWAYS comes through in crazy ways during these outreaches. Like the time this happened with Betsey Johnson...

PS. Since people are being wonderful & asking about how they can support this outreach- here are 3 ways you can be a part of it! 
1) Pray for me & the rest of the team as we will be spending the week of September 4th-11th sharing the love of God with Fashion & Entertainment Professionals in various ways. If you would like to join the crew who receives daily updates with specific prayer requests please let me know and we will make that happen!
2) Contribute financially to the cost of the outreach! As an unsalaried missionary I continue to be deeply grateful for all of you who generously give financially to fund the work we do. This outreach will cost me about $800 in total. My flight was just over $500 and the rest of the money will go towards my food, housing, and on-ground transportation. In order to give financially please click here: Support Jess Hover (then click on "Donate to a staff member" link.)
3) Come with us! Truly! If you are interested in partnering alongside Models For Christ and sharing the gospel at NYFW please email for and request a volunteer's application.

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Beppan said...

I would love to be in the prayerteam for your outreach!!! Do you need my email or something?? Love / Rebecca Åkesson

Jess Hover said...

Beppan thank you so much! Yes please shoot me a facebook message with your email address! Also if you have imessage (on an iphone or ipad) then I can just send you text updates because that is how I usually do it! Love you!