Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My favorite podcast.

Or one of them.

Her name is Christine Caine and her message is called "Embrace your place".
She shared it at Elevation Church during their "Get Back" series, and I have listened to it over and over and over and over.....
and over again.

This morning I felt like some of you might be in need of encouragement,
so I am sharing the podcast link with you.
I personally like to listen to it while I walk, or while driving.

I think you'll enjoy it.

I love you friends. 

PS. This gorgeous photo was taken by a Norwegian friend. 

When she posted it on Instagram a long while ago I took a screenshot because I loved it so much. 

Follow her at @siljeaxelsen 
for some of life's most lovely moments. 
She is a gem.

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