Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year with the Neighbs!

Happy New Year!
It's 2013! It still feels a bit like 2012 but I'm sure the adjustment will come soon!

Last night after having a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner with Shaun's fam and some good friends we picked up Jeff and headed over to Dave's!

Who are Jeff and Dave?

Well they are a part of Shaun's circle of like 10 best friends, better known as "the Neighbs".

The Neighbs grew up together... literally... All of them living next door to one another since they were just young bucks.

And now 25ish years later... They are all still best friends.

And actually I am a neighb now too! As soon as Shaun and I got married, I was officially made a part of the neighborly family.

I love it.
Friends like that are a rare gift.

So it was only right for me to watch the ball drop with Jeff, Dave, Mama Mac (Dave's saint of a mother), and Shaun (my saint of a husband).

We rang in the new year with Dave's annual family tradition of mini meatballs with his mama's chips and homemade dip. He also whipped us up some Irish coffee and hot butter rum! He even made fresh whipped cream for us on the spot!

2013 is off to a good start. I'm so thankful for the warm welcome into this new year.

God bless you! Thank you for being a part of my blog!

Here are some shots from last night! I particularly loved watching the guys play frisbee in the basement... I caught a glimpse of their childhood, I'm sure of it. I also wanted to be sure I got a photo with Mama Mac's stockings. Each one is a handmade masterpiece and I am delighted to see them each year we visit!

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