Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Be More Fun to Date Series! Part 1 - What the heck is dating??

Hey everyone! 
Shaun & I are doing a video series called "Be More Fun to Date!"
This is the first video in the series and it is called, "What the heck is dating?"
We love doing these together and we hope they are an encouragement to you and your friends!
I hope you are having a great week! See you soon! 

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Karisse said...

I love this so much. Good advice packed in here! You two are as adorable as ever. It was nice to hear your voices again!

Neighbor Dave said...

Hey! Dave duff here. I just want to say I'm a huge fan. You two have great chemistry, and are such a joy to watch. I really liked the part about picking up a store clerk, that's my comfort zone. Also I like how you define and seperate the meaning of dating. I am also not a fan of texting to get to know one another. As hard and awkward as first dates can be I will take my bashful redface in front of yours, over words with "hiden value"any day. Shaun I saw a photo of what I thought was a recent photo of you with a broken wrist, I hope you are healing quickly. Jess, I saw the baby bump in your last video, you look beautiful :) so excited for both of you! Now if you will excuse me, there is an awkward moment just waiting to be blatantly pointed out. Keep these videos coming! They are helpful and fun to watch :) love and miss you both.