Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beauty Arise devo video // "What do you have?"

A video by the ever-so-lovely Kate Cook- about what happens when you take the little you have...

((the stuff so small you feel like its "nothing at all"))

and decide to trust God with it.

Be encouraged friends. God is faithful.

What do YOU have?

 photo 4-1.png

PS. Just between us:

1) The man of God told the woman to go find "empty jars" from her neighbors houses...
Not "jars of oil". In my excitement I said that wrong. :)
2) I was actually wearing a cute shirt for this vid but was holding flowers and got red pollen on it... so then I had to make a last minute switch to this "potato sack" (as Shaun & I call it). A major bummer... but it happens. 
3) I've been wearing these Converse's everyday this week. I love them. They are amazing. I got about a million compliments on them. & if you look close there is even gold embroidery on the sides! But don't be misled... They aren't mine. I was housesitting for a (VERY fashionable) friend this week and she let me use them. What better way to soak up their goodness than film a devo in them?!

That's all. :) 

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