Friday, May 27, 2011

"Why then do we decide what is beautiful in ourselves? We have decided that it is beautiful to be thin, to have our hair styled a certain way, to have our make-up done ‘correctly’, to wear the right clothes; the right clothes which will be the wrong clothes next season. If something is beautiful, it is beautiful. An island off the coast of Baja California does not lose it’s beauty in the morning. 

I am beautiful because Christ made me as His own. He made me in His own image and He made me as He made the mountains behind Los Angeles, and as He made the island off the coast of Tijuana Del Mar; He made me well and He was very pleased. 
As I begin to realise that I am beautiful and as I begin to live in that truth, He looks down upon me and is very pleased."  
-Emma Jo Ratcliffe

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