Monday, April 18, 2011

He wants to do life with you.

Isn't it amazing what happens when love happens?

Like when a girl starts to really like a guy... all of the sudden she accentuates the things about herself that she knows he is into. I love that. She starts dressing in a way that she knows he will like, she impresses him with her secret knowledge of cars and old sitcoms. She starts to linger where she knows he will be, waiting patiently for him to walk by and then acting surprised when he shows up.. right as she hoped. I love love so much, it makes us do the cutest things.

Or when he likes her... suddenly this hardheaded working guy is interested in finding cheap tickets to a ballet, just because he knows she will like it. Against everything he has known, he is willing to get less work done if it means he gets to spend time with her. At one point he even tries to turn down hanging out with her because he gets called into work to fix a broken toilet, but motivated by the sweet feelings of love she joins him in this endeavor and works alongside him to fix the toilet.

...They enjoy something as unappealing as fixing a toilet, all in the name of love...

My recent prayer has been that God would bring me to this kind of romantic love with Him. I know it is possible. We as people were created in His image, and I have yet to meet a healthy person that does not have the capacity for romantic relationship. Therefore I believe that it is possible to have a relationship with God that involves the passion of romance. Somehow.

In fact the more I observe people in love the more I feel God reminding me that this is a picture of His love for me. And you. The way lovers desire each other's company and how they notice each other in a crowd, no matter the number of people. The way they listen to each other, even when 3 other people could be speaking at the same time, somehow they still manage to hang on to each word that is spoken from the mouth of the one they love. They are excited about each other, they laugh and comfort each other. They are friends and they care about what the other person cares about. They want to be together, even if what they are doing is not fun or even requires discomfort, for the sake of love they will do it. Love makes them want to do life together.

Love compels God to want to do life with us. He doesn't just want to get us saved and then send us on our merry way, only seeing us on Sunday mornings and some Wednesday evenings. He wants to go to work with us and be with us when we are watching Glee. He wants to teach us how to handle our money and comfort us when we are hurting. He loves to listen to us and is delighted to be near us. His desire is that our hearts would be His, the same desire that lovers have for one another. Our God feels that way toward us. What a beautiful gift that is.

Song of Solomon 2:10-13
10 My lover said to me,
      “Rise up, my darling!
      Come away with me, my fair one!
 11 Look, the winter is past,
      and the rains are over and gone.
 12 The flowers are springing up,
      the season of singing birds[c] has come,
      and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.
 13 The fig trees are forming young fruit,
      and the fragrant grapevines are blossoming.
   Rise up, my darling!
      Come away with me, my fair one!”

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